Our Patreon is now live! Check out if you want to support us! Running the website takes a considerable amount monthly and especially yearly. We have gladly paid the operational cost from our own wallet so far. However, we realized that not only would this not be sustainable long-term, but it also has stagnated us in terms of growth. Thus, we have decided to open a Patreon for our readers who want to go the extra mile and support us personally. Please see the tiers and benefits on the slides above. The tiers will offer things such as newsletters, exclusive posts, early access, shout-outs, and also access to a special group chat on Discord. Please know that if you enjoy our content but cannot support us financially, we are still grateful to you. However, if you could help us cover our operational costs and help us grow, we would be eternally grateful! We can’t guarantee a very steady stream of content always as we still prioritize quality over quantity, but we also hope this will help us find some sort of structure and incentive to put out content at a more reasonable pace. Our first early access article, “Vague Heritage: Treatments of Colonial Memory in Jakarta’s Old Town” by Troy Vimalasatya is also live now for Creation Supporters and above and will be up in 2 days for Official Supporters. Thank you! Check out our tiers and benefits below!

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