Broadly Specific’s 1st Anniversary

Happy Broadlyversary! Today January the 3rd marks one year since the publication of our first ever article, a day that we consider the birth date of our entire website and Instagram.  We started this entire venture on one premise: to be a platform where aspiring creatives can express their wonderful, oftentimes niche ideas freely. Our name “Broadly Specific” is meant to be an oxymoron, a contradiction between talking about a broad range of topics yet still maintaining a clear and concentrated vision. 

Most outlets will be focused on one thing that we cover whether they are films, music, arts, and so on. While we instead (foolishly) try to cover everything at once. Wouldn’t this be detrimental to our reach and potential audience? definitely, but our goal since the beginning was to create a relatively unrestrictive platform where any idea has potential and are given the same amount of attention. From the perspective of the audience and readers, we hope they will grow and learn together with us and read about topics they would perhaps otherwise not be interested in. This is because our followers often come in waves, they would discover us after a certain article that covers a topic that they fancy. By democratizing the topics and how we present them, we aspire to be the starting point of new intellectual interest to niche topics.

Finally, we would like to say that while we are not the most active outlet as this is practically our side projects with real-life matters in the way, we always strive to better ourselves and better our content. We take what we put out there seriously, and we will always ensure the best quality that we can provide. 

I, as the founder, would like to thank our immensely talented, young contributors who are the main pillars of this community and also, of course, all of our readers and followers who have not only read our articles, but many have personally reached out to us and express what they enjoy about them. In fact, the majority of our contributors are readers who reached out to me directly and we find ourselves sharing the same passions about certain things. 

Here’s to at least another year. 

From the founder,

Bondan Syamsu 

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