Why We’re Worried About That Silent Hill 2 Remake—B.S Gaming Club [Podcast]

 In our first-ever video game coverage, Host Bondan Syamsu (@bondansyamsu) is joined by Sei Violette (@seiviolette), his friend, perpetual buddy and Youtuber. Sei Violette is a longtime Silent Hill series fan who has played every single entry in the series, while Bondan is once again a layman trying to get into the games. The two of them discussed what makes the Silent Hill series so iconic, the recent Silent Hill projects announcements, Hideo Kojima’s PT and its influence, why the original Silent Hill 2 is a masterpiece, and why they’re both worried about the remake. You can find Sei Violette’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvLDNSk42zUTALHOCnA9QMw⁠

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