About Us

Broadly Specific is an independent compendium of ideas and creativity from contributors who are passionate about a diverse range of subjects. As the name suggests, we do not like to tie ourselves down to one niche but rather allow ourselves the flexibility of being able to write about everything while analyzing one specific unique thing about that subject. This could range from films, music, to even architecture. In a digital age where everything you could think of has been done before, which often discourage individuals from trying something new, Broadly Specific hopes to be a platform where different authors could share their passion and add flavors from their own specialized backgrounds freely. Our main goal is not to get views or clicks, but rather to obtain organic engagement from a niche reader base that shares our vision.

The editorial team and contributors of Broadly Specific are not experts, we do not claim to have an authoritative voice on the topics we cover. We are instead a group of laypeople who are passionate about learning and writing about things we love in hopes of contributing to ongoing discourses by injecting our knowledge and voice into our works. We also try to find new perspectives in the topics we cover, rather than simply echoing what other people have gone through several times in the past.

Message from founder:

I had quickly realized when I started this website that we’re a little bit of an oddball. I follow numerous zines, publications, and so on and everyone has their niche whether it be films, music, and so on. Broadly Specific, on the other hand, somewhat promises to be all of those things and more, quite a big promise I must say.

But I do make it a point to try to make niches accessible by creating articles that intersect one niche with another, such as films with music, or film with philosophy. This way, someone could become a reader from one of our articles about music, for example, and then discover there is an entirely new world next door that is available to visit within one place. In a sense, we are trying to create our own little zeitgeist, a collective mood of content that could intermingle with one another. Only time will tell whether this will be successful or have I shot myself in the foot, so stay tuned.

Bondan Syamsu

Broadly Specific was officially established in January 3, 2020.