The Hearts

The following are what you might call our mission statements, the essence and modus operandi that guide Broadly Specific’s operations:

Perpetual Learning

Broadly Specific offers insights from people who are not experts, specialists, or professionals in the field of categories that they tackle. We instead try to continuously learn as we brainstorm topics, ideas, and creations. We hope to continue growing as writers and creatives. Any creation by an author you see in Broadly Specific represents and embody who the writer is in that particular period of time, but does not define them. 

Find Unique Angles

We at Broadly Specific do the best of our abilities to find topics that are not so much have not been discussed before, but certainly those that may have not as much attention given to them. We want our readers and followers to go into our creations and leave with new information and insights that they may have not considered before in hopes that information will enrich their intellect and inspire them to dive deeper into them.

Push the Discourse Forward

Related to the previous statement, Broadly Specific strive strongly to not simply rehash topics that have already been done by other outlets or people before—except to improve upon them—but rather to choose subjects, topics, and arguments, that will hopefully help the discourse surrounding the topic forward.

Bridge The Gap

We aim to bridge the gaps between disciplines, art forms, the obscure and the mainstream. We will try to find underlying connections and parallels between different things and present something fresh and unique.

Transcending Appreciation