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Broadly Specific is currently self-funding the following things:

  1. Website hosting
  2. Instagram promotional runs
  3. Cups of coffees to fuel our writing juice

If you greatly enjoy our content and want to go the extra mile to support us financially, as well as to help us grow even further, then there are several ways to support us:

Signing up at ExpressVPN With This Link

Broadly Specific is an official Express VPN affiliate. However, we specifically choose to sign up to their affiliate program because we are also their customers. Most of us here currently live in Asia where some streaming services offering extensive libraries of ‘essential’ films such as Criterion Channel, HBO Max, Disney+, and so on are not available to us. And even with global services such as Netflix, no small amount of films and series are locked between different regions. Express VPN has been proven by us personally to be the VPN provider to get when it comes to watching movies and bypassing region locking. This is one of the best ways of supporting us, as you will sign up to one of the best VPN providers around with servers in over 96 countries and support us directly. Click our affiliate link here to sign up.

Donate to our Paypal

You can also choose to donate to our paypal link above if you want to input any specific amount or:


You can choose to donate through the link above or here. If you want to donate more than 1 dollar, you can raise the number yourself below. There is also an option to donate with debit or credit cards below.


This is completely optional, and we will continue creating content and promotions even without any financial support. We are looking to expand our audience even further and in the future, and perhaps we can explore other avenues like Patreon and so on. This is still ways off, and we will only use donated money to continue our various promotional content for now. Regardless if you choose to donate or not, thank you for supporting us!