Contributor Guidelines

Broadly Specific is a platform where a diverse range of authors and interests converge. With that said, we welcome both original (articles made for Broadly Specific) and hosted articles (i.e. articles already published elsewhere). All submissions should be emailed to our admin and editor-in-chief Bondan Syamsu. Hosted articles will still undergo editing and proofreading to fit our format and will be tagged as a hosted article with the original publishing house cited. As for original articles, please remember to follow these guidelines:

  • All titles, such as film titles, should be italicized and followed by the year of release, e.g. Seven Samurai (1954). In the same sentence or paragraph, if you mention the film for the first time, the director’s name should also be cited (this also applies to book authors, painters, artists, and so on).
  • While we do not require in-text citations, we still require authors to provide a reference list at the end of the article. If possible, an academic citation style would also be ideal, although not mandatory. This is to ensure that while Broadly Specific is not an academic journal, we still maintain academic integrity and quality in our works. Plagiarism is also heavily prohibited and not simply discouraged. We are not as strict with citations if you are writing opinionated or casual/entertaining articles, but some amount of references would still be ideal.
  • Images inside the article should also be provided with relevant annotations and citations.
  • Please read some of our articles to get a sense of the type of quality that we are looking for and also the types of article topics that might fit our website. While we do not restrict ideas, a certain standard should also be met. We specialize in what we call “deep dives”, an extended and thorough look at a slice of a larger topic that requires a considerable amount of research and critical thinking. With that said, more casual articles are also sometimes welcomed such as our “Film Browse” series where we provide a themed list of films that we recommend. Please consult our editor if you want to go this route.
  • Please provide some contact information such as your social media. We also require a profile picture and a short bio.
  • Minimum article lengths are 1000 words for more casual articles, 1500 words for deep dives.
  • In the email, please send us a PDF or Word format of your draft.

What are the advantages of being a contributor?

Unfortunately, Broadly Specific is still independently run and everything is financed privately. At the moment, we simply cannot afford to pay writers after paying our operational and marketing costs. However, there are still several advantages in writing for us:

  • You are able to use your articles as part of your growing writing portfolio. Some of our writers have gone on to work/contribute to larger websites and publications, and they have, to some extent, done so due to their existing articles here that those large publications can look over and search for fresh talents.
  • The editing process is thorough and we will provide you with a proofreading and editing service. Other than quality assurance, at a personal level, you are able to have your work scrutinized and “peer-reviewed” by fellow writers and we also provide comments and suggestions. This will hopefully help you grow as a writer.
  • Your article will also be turned into appealing and visually stimulating social media posts in the form of a cover image or a short video. We also currently regularly run Instagram promotional advertisements, so your article may also be promoted to reach a larger audience, free of charge. You can see some examples below.
  • Lastly, in general, you would have the opportunity to make new friendships and connections with not only our contributors but also readers and followers.